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Luchi EstevezFounder, Publisher

Luchi gracefully merges luxury and a high taste level with holistic living and spiritual growth. A lifestyle conceptual artist and ‘eco-centric pioneer in conscious activism,’ the former inside PR consultant, actress and high-end event producer has evolved into a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, journalist and director of a non-profit. As Luchi has always been a visionary enmeshed in natural healing, she welcomes the growing health and consciousness movement and believes mindful living can be lived without sacrificing quality and style.

El LaDirector, Regulator

El is a philosopher, musician, yogi and brand consultant [she even brands herself...]. Following visions around the world, she has worked in the music/ entertainment industry for most of her career while simultaneously practicing yoga and internal martial arts. She brings back the edge and gritty foundation often missing from the holistic market, because personal evolution is ‘more sweaty wife-beater than Lulu Lemon.’ With La Luchi, she leverages her dichotomies to present holistic/ spiritual topics in a more accessible way to the growing market.

Konima Parkinson-JonesInternational Editor

Konima is an actor, artist, blogger and world traveler from Sierra Leone. She was raised in various African countries (Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroun, Togo, Gambia), went to high school in Salzburg, Austria then trained for four years at Dalhousie University’s acting program in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aside from acting she writes a beauty blog that caters to the needs of women of color. She aims to contribute to and create a platform where all women know and celebrate their unique beauty. Her reviews can also be found on YouTube as MsKPJ.

Jared KrupnickBusiness Development

Jared Krupnick earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder (he is a rocket scientist!), and soon afterward, became the Membership Director of one of the largest non-profit organizations in Seattle, Washington. He combined his passion for serving humanity with his technical mind by supporting non-profit clients as a website developer and programmer for the last 15 years. He is the founder of Energetic Planet, which supports the transition of society to sustainability.